Collaborative work

by Kenta Cobayashi

and Daisuke Yokota.



Kenta Cobayashi+Daisuke Yokota THE SCRAP

Kenta Cobayashi+Daisuke Yokota



Collaborative work by Kenta Cobayashi and Daisuke Yokota.
Limited to Edition 5.


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As we move from the 2010s to the year 2020, Daisuke Yokota (born in 1983) and Kenta Cobayashi (born in 1992) are extremely important not only in Japan, but also from a global perspective.

The SCRAP is a special and rare collaboration between these two artists. It is worth noting that each of these experiences became a "crossroads" for the two artists thereafter.

Yokota has had a solo exhibition at the Foam Museum of Photography in Amsterdam, and has received numerous international awards. Last year he received the Kimura Ihei Award, the top prize for photography in Japan.

Kenta Kobayashi has also had solo exhibitions in the United States, Italy and Belgium, as well as commission works for Dunhill and Louis Vuitton.

However, their styles are both experimental, and at the same time, they pose a fundamental question about what photography is in the digital age.

Yokota consistently raises the issue of materiality in photography, sometimes creating works that digitally scan the metamorphosis of film itself without the need for images. Cobayashi, on the other hand, is a thorough digital native, daring to transform the information he inputs through photography into a physical drawing act.

The SCRAP is created through a process of mutual exchange of prepared images via email, and the process of continuous processing, in multiple layers.

This act can be seen as a response to the aporia of how creation is possible in an age in which the entire world has been digitized and everyone is inevitably destined to live in a virtual world.

Yokota's photographs have a paradox: they move forward while destroying the photograph itself. Cobayashi, on the other hand, sees the playful transformation of information as something endless (something with no dead end), and as a result, despite the title, the work is not ruinous, but rather a work worthy of being called "a life form" or "something to come".

Kenta Cobayashi called this work "like music", and here is the birth of a "new aesthetic", which is almost miraculous.(Text by Shigeo Goto)


この『THE SCRAP』は、その2人ががっちりと組んで行った特別でレアなコラボレーション作品なのである。このそれぞれの体験は、その後の2人の「分岐点」ともなったことでも注目に値する。

横田は、アムステルダム のfoam写真美術館でも個展を行い、また国際的な賞も数多く受賞してきた。日本の写真賞のトップである木村伊兵衛賞も昨年受賞した。




この『THE SCRAP』は、用意した画像をメールで互いにキャッチボールし合い、加工し続ける過程を、何重にも行うことで、画像生成されている。



小林健太は、この作品を「まるで音楽のようだ」と言ったが、ここに、奇跡的といってよい「新しい美学」が誕生したのである。(Text by Shigeo Goto)

​G/P Limited Edition

The G/P Limited Edition series was launched by G/P gallery + artbeat publishers in 2019.

Original photographic prints in album format; 10 limited edition pieces.

2019年よりG/P gallery + artbeat publishersがスタートした新たなプロジェクト「G/P Limited Edition」シリーズ。



Psychedelia records is the name of the label for "Record Jacket Artwork" by artist Keiji Ito. The record selections were dug up by movement's director Shigeo Goto while traveling to London, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam and other cities around the world. Based on the groovy and eccentric discs, Keiji Ito remodeled and collaged them to create this gem.   The only one in the world.

psychedelia recordsは、アーティスト伊藤桂司による「レコードジャケットアート作品」のレーベルです。レコードのセレクトはmovementのディレクターである後藤繁雄が、ロンドン、ベルリン、チューリッヒ、アムステルダムなど世界の都市を旅しながら掘り出したもの。その最高にグルーヴィーでエキセントリックなディスクをもとに、伊藤桂司がリモデル、コラージュしまくった逸品です。世界に一枚しかないユニークピース!